Get feedback,
measure engagement
and create better content

Customizable Reaction Buttons

Activate your visitors and get feedback on your content.

Use Facebook-style reaction buttons or create your own in seconds!

Head over to your desktop to start for free

Analytics team in your pocket

Measuring engagement has never been this easy!

Seeing what people think allows you to create content that your visitors love.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager integrations

Get all-new engagement data to your existing Google Analytics Dashboards and reports.

Using Google Analytics events and pushing to Google Tag Manager data layer are both easy as pie.

Optimize your marketing

Integrate with any marketing tool and advertise only to those who are truly interested in your content.

Narrow your retargeting audiences with reaction data and get more bang for your buck.

Head over to your desktop to start for free

How to get started

1. Create your own reaction buttons

Go to your desktop or laptop and open

Use Facebook-style reactions or create your own. No coding skills required.

2. Install on any website

With the embed code you can install React & Share on any CMS.

We also have native WordPress and Drupal plugins. Installing with Google Tag Manager works too!

3. Learn what your customers think about your content!

Create more engaging content based on the data.

Head over to your desktop to start for free

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